Leveraging Relational Currency
Understanding Motivational Drivers
Building Resilient Character
Empowering Effective Decisions
Transforming Goals & Outcomes
Leadership Anchors
Relationships are the key to success and fulfilment.

Fostering successful relationships is the key to leveraging our relational currency—value—to effectively manage up and down, build organizational trust, increase staff engagement, and empower collaboration.
Everybody is motivated by something – status, money, what they own and want to own, reputation, achieving something significant and life changing for themselves or someone else, and so on. This leadership anchor relates to a leader’s symbols of success.
For leaders, building resilient character is not a simple task; it’s a lifelong process. As leaders, we know how hard it can be to make some decisions that affect those close to us, the people we work with, and the organizations we lead; but courage is one of the virtues foundational to a resilient character.
Positive and negative experiences contribute to how leaders think and behave. Overcoming dysfunctional patterns of leadership and being able to write a new leadership narrative will give you greater energy, a new focus, and the ability to look at situations and people in a totally new light.
Establishing goals as a measure of personal and corporate success is the norm, although surprisingly, not always practiced. But why do some goals work and others don’t? Were they realistic in the first place? These are each very important questions.